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Customer Service An Important Part Of Business - 1124 Words

1. Introduction Customer service has become an important part of business for a number of reasons. Nowadays, customers have numerous choice of selection where they will buy product/ service based on their needs; therefore customer service is importance to build up customers’ loyalty and their returns. It is difficult for any organisation survive without customer service as there are no one to create connection between organisations and customers, handle payments or answer questions from prospective customers. Social media customer service grows fasted and strongest in customer service department. The strategy is not only answer questions and complaining from customers by using social media network; such as Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube, Blog, but also to create a strong faster connection between organisation and customers. According to the recent Social Media Customer Service Report conducted by TNS, surveyed more than 1,000 UK consumers and found that 57% of consumers preferred to search online to solve their customer issues then using traditional ways to interact with customer service department such as calling or email. Some in respond to this social customer service trends, some companies quickly create their pages for social customer service on Facebook, Tweet as well as the resources to be quickly and efficiently respond to customers. Online fashion companies is a leader in provide online customer service; for example, ASOS, Zara, Boohoo, they provide their Facebook,Show MoreRelatedAbstract:. With The Development Of The Business, The Competitive1605 Words   |  7 Pagesthe development of the business, the competitive between the company is become more and more fierce. Customer relationship is one of the most important for every company. which company have a good relationship it will have advantage of the competitive. Customer relationship management system as a new technology was used in the company. this essay is talk about the different part and the function of t he customer relationship management system, introduce the product of customer relationship managementRead MoreA Marketing Strategy For A Brand1410 Words   |  6 Pagesanother. Although slogans and logos can be an important part of a business’s brand identity, a brand goes much deeper than just a picture or phrase. According to Dawn Leijon, a marketing professor at Georgetown University and previous Kraft brand manager, â€Å"Branding isn’t about logos, slogans or advertising—those are just tools. Branding is about making people remember your organization, service or product and what’s unique about it.†Read MoreStage 3 Essay1309 Words   |  6 PagesHaircuts Areas for IT Concentration Stage 3 Andrew Vaughn University of Maryland University College â€Æ' PART 1 Introduction In last few stages of our analysis and an IT solution was proposed of having a customer scheduling software used to help manage UMUC Haircuts customer schedule. The software that was looked at was BOOKFRESH scheduling software. This software would allow customers to dictate Myra’s schedule for her and allow for easy review via a computer used at work, home, or even onRead MoreCustomer Service At An Affordable Price1598 Words   |  7 Pagestechnical support to local home computer users and small business users. The company will focus its marketing strategy on gaining new customers and providing a high level of specialized customer service to each in order to retain them. Initial marketing will be aggressive and exploit competitor’s weaknesses. Cost control will be important to keep expenses low and profits high. The company will offer affordable, on-site service to customers. THE BUSINESS Vision Statement A tomorrow where technology and peopleRead MoreStakeholders Of A Business Organization1120 Words   |  5 Pagesis anyone with an interest in a business. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations that are affected by the activity of the business. Internal stakeholders are groups within a business or people who work directly within the business. External stakeholders are those individuals or groups outside a business. Internal Stakeholders: †¢ Owner- The owner is involved in everything to do with the business. Owners are interested in how much profit the business makes and normally sets several aimsRead MoreCustomer Service Essay examples1384 Words   |  6 PagesCompanies are misguided nowadays by the notion that customers depend on them, when the truth of the matter is that companies are dependent on those customers. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is now essential for a business or company to survive. So what is the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and how to companies and or business achieve this? Also when you have difficult customers how do you achieve customer satisfaction? It’s essential that companiesRead MoreManagement Of Quality Customer Service1391 Words   |  6 PagesManagement of Quality Customer Service In any business the customer is the most important component. The customer numbers and frequency determines the company s profit and loss. The number and frequencies of a customer are dependent on the quality of goods they get from your business while in the service industry, it is all about good customer service. Good management of customer service leads to customer loyalty. The management of good customer service involves the following; Making the qualityRead MoreImproving Customer Complaints, Feedback And Questions928 Words   |  4 Pagesstructure and procedure for solving customer complaints, feedback and questions. Structure is important because it generates more coherence and confidence within the department, which in turn will help result in better customer service. If your employees are fully aware of the procedure then they don’t need to worry about what to do next. Coherence is essential because today’s customers aren’t going to enjoy having to wait a reply. Many expect a customer service query to be resolved within 24 hoursRead MoreEssay about Customer Relationship Management687 Words   |  3 Pages As a Business Administration major I have learned there are several different components that make up a successful business, and it is important that everyone work together to achieve a common goal. The ultimate goal of most companies is to create a product or service that will gain a place in the market and stay there. Customer relationships are the most important factor for companies to consider when aiming toward success. What can companies do to improve customer relationships? ImprovingRead MoreCustomer Service1186 Words   |  5 Pagessome companies aim to look after their customers well, ensuring that the customer is at the heart of their business and everything they do. In marketing terms this is called being customer focused. It is important to realise that customers can take their business anywhere they want to and if they are not satisfied they will take their business elsewhere. Therefore, it is very important to understand who our customers are, their expectations of the service they experience and how that effects future

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