Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Reaction paper of Thiefing a Chance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reaction paper of Thiefing a Chance - Essay Example cal prospect is quite innovative, as she risks participating in the clandestine activities for the purpose of properly comprehending and learning the scope of the practice. Moreover, her analysis is pertinent because it outlines how this institutional ploy is not an oppositional scheme directed against the employer or the capitalist system (Prentice 2009). However, Prentice outlines that these women perceive â€Å"thiefing a chance† as a merely ethically justifiable act since, unlike absolute theft, it depends on their labor. Thus, this practice accomplishes their cultural ideals that date from the Caribbean work histories in which ethical rights to individual dependence and autonomy, however illegal, are immensely prized and accepted as in Creole economics. As regards Prentice’s case, the prescribed comprehension of the ethical sphere of the economy of Trinidad would not discourage illegal activity (Prentice 2009). However, numerous other Caribbean societies punish petty theft in respect of labor and entrepreneurial knowhow. Additionally, Prentice’s article bears various linkages to Browne’s study. II thus believe that the study is also innovative and qualifies as a stimulating and resourceful material that offers different cases and explicates on them according. Notably, diverse kinds of grassroots initiatives to inculcate pressure on the ethical sphere occur when volunteer affiliations aim at compensating the insufficiency of capitalist markets to deliver public merchandise. This article offers the Halperin’s instance of extreme gifting in Cincinnati that depicts grass root group involvement in running a charter school. I trust that this is an interesting prospect to highlight. Moreover, as Halperin argues, I bear true that unrecognized or unknown ethical economies may blossom. Eventually, I presume that Mauss’s notion of a gift economy requires formulation to contain gift micro economies that emanate in the context of neoliberal entrepreneurship.

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